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If you are a Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) developer, you connect many server/databases many many times.
So you enter connection settings to Login screen frequently. This is boring me :-(

This SSMS addin adds 10 buttons to Tools Menu. You can configure this buttons to connect any database DIRECTLY.
So no login screen needed.

Extra, If you assign a shortcut key to a Connection Button (like CTRL+F1) you can open a new connection easly.
Also, you can configure SSMS toolbar, as shown below, rename and assign an icon for the buttons.

(Right click on the SSMS Toolbar and click Customize, then you can create a toolbar, rename and change buttons icons :-))

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Next Realize;
  • Connection reset button

NOTE: If you get a error like this one below, replace "C:\Program Files\Connection Buttons\ConnectionButtons.config" with this one ConnectionButtons.config


Mail me if any error;

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